About Barbara McAfee

Barbara McAfee

Barbara has firsthand experience with the transformational power of the voice.  The paralyzing stage fright and chronic vocal problems that plagued her when she began performing in her 20s have been replaced with ease and joy she could not have imagined possible.  In her twenty years as a voice coach, she’s helped a wide variety of people – including leaders, coaches, consultants, physicians, shower singers, and teenagers — to “find their voice,” whatever that means to them.  She synthesizes her experience in her book Full Voice: The Art & Practice of Vocal Presence( Berrett-Koehler Publishers),  due out on October 3, 2011.

Barbara studied extensively in the United States, France, and Canada with members of the Roy Hart Centre.  She has also pursued vocal studies with other teachers.

Groups all over North America invite her to their conferences, retreats, and workplaces to incite radical aliveness through song and sound. Rooted in 12 years experience as an organizational development consultant, her music explores the rich territory of change, community, vitality and balance.

She was “the band” for The Women’s Leadership Revival Tour with Meg Wheatley.  She composed and recorded the theme song for the 15-city tour.  She also appears with speaker and author Peter Block.

As an independent artist, Barbara has made six recordings of her music. Barbara is also the founder of the Morning Star Singers, a group of volunteers who bring songs of comfort and healing to people in hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes.

A native Minnesotan, she now lives across the street from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

3 Responses to About Barbara McAfee

  1. mikalleb says:

    The “What if” piece you wrote is AMAZING.

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